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Let’s meet — I’ll go first


 I’m a twenty-something NY native who’s been calling Maine home for the past 5 years (and I love everything about this New England state). I have a passion for telling stories and making people feel emotion through my work. To have people trust in me to capture the big - and even the small, mundane moments - that make up pieces of their lives, to be so vulnerable and open up to me, and the relationships my camera has brought me throughout the past few years — I feel really freakin’ lucky.

OTD Collective started unintentionally. I always used to play around with Danny’s cameras and when we would travel I’d record everything with his Go Pros. Then I’d make little edits of our trips so we’d have those memories to relive over and over. Then one day I got asked to film a friends wedding day — tbh I said no at first, out of fear (how can I film someones WEDDING day!?). And as you can probably guess, I mustered up the courage and decided to go for it. It kind of just snowballed after that and I haven’t looked back since. Fast forward years later and here we are about to tell your love story too.



my team

I get to work with my best friends and it’s really freaking cool.








raves + reviews

The moment we found Haley’s website, we knew she would be the right person to capture our wedding day. We immediately saw how talented she was but we also loved her laid back, yet professional personality. It meshed perfectly with our vision for the day. On our wedding day, although she was around us, filming all day/night, we barely noticed she was there as she wasn’t intrusive at all. Yet, she was able to capture all the right moments. Many of our friends and family even commented to us afterwards that they didn’t even know we had a videographer. Her teaser clip and final videos were amazing and we’re so happy we decided to work with her. We probably watched both 100 times. We highly recommend her services. Haley, thank you so much for everything!

-Hayden Haas


Haley is incredible! She is so down to earth, fun, professional, and talented. She made us feel comfortable in front of the camera and is so creative. Her work is amazing and we were so lucky to snag her for our wedding date! Highly recommend OTD Collective!

-Anna Casparius


I never really thought about hiring a videographer for my wedding, until I watched some of Haley's and Dan's work. I saw them capture so many amazing moments of other couples, and I couldn't imagine not having that apart of my big day. Zak and I can be pretty shy, so I was definitely worried about that when we met Haley and Dan. However, they are such kind, outgoing, professional videographers who really do know how to have fun! I was so comfortable having them both their and guiding us through the process. Haley did an even more amazing job of explaining the process of how they work, I felt like I could go to her about any questions I had and she responded so quickly (ladies this is very hard to find in a vendor!). It's difficult to trust people that haven't been in your everyday life, but I trusted everything Dan and Haley were doing that day. It was a huge honor having them apart of our day! I highly recommend them (and I haven't even seen the video yet-we were just married yesterday!) I could rave about them forever! Thank you Haley and Dan!

-Meghan Zorich


obsessed dog mum

Don’t get me started on talking about Hapa- I won’t stop.

Spontanious traveler

I love traveling and I do it often. Most of my trips aren’t planned out. I like to figure it out as I go.

my other hobbie

— Interior design —

beach babe all year round

My favorite place to be is the ocean. Even during the fridged maine winters.


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